"Stone brings the color and sets the tone. In stainless., a single cut becomes a line while a wider cut creates a shape. The depth of the cut in the bronze is limited by the wall thickness of the material. " Opening statement - Solid and Round video





Verina left her corporate career mid-life to begin working as an artist. Originally stone was her material of choice. Today stainless steel and/or bronze have become equally important in her indoor work. Her outdoor sculptures have a more playful attitude and are constructed of powder coated or painted aluminum and stainless steel. Her paintings often express the same energy necessary in construction with stone and metal.

In addition to her career as a sculptor, Verina has a deep commitment to the arts community. She is a board member of ArtsBuild of Chattanooga where she has served as sectretary and two-term fundraising co-chair. She chaired the Steering Committee for Spark, a city-wide creative spirit celebration. She was the founder and president of Mid-South Sculpture Alliance (MSA) during the years the organization was one of the three chapters of the International Sculpture Center (ISC).

She served on both the Membership and 2012 Conference committees for the ISC. She has been a member of numerous committies for Hunter Museum of American Art including co-chairing the selection committee for Spectrum. Verina was a member of the City of Chattanooga Public Art Committee, the City of Chattanooga Public Art Master Plan Steering Committee and the Public Art Transition Committee for the 21st Century Waterfront.

Verina's international education includes the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee; the Loveland Academy of Fine Arts in Loveland, Colorado; and the Abruzzi Mountain Art School in Anversa degli Abruzzi, Italy. Her artworks are exhibited internationally and are included in numerous private and corporate collections.